About my painting.

I paint people.

People as I see them. – In a blink of an eye.


I believe that all people contain immense beauty, but at the same time the fragility and the presence of death.


I actually believe that there Is a certain beauty in people carrying these kinds of scars on their souls.

These are my kindred spirits. Man is born into this world without anything but hope. Hoping that someone will feed them, shelter them, caress them, love them. You can see it in their eyes when hope has been exstinguished one time too many. There is no greater sin in the Universe I believe, than taking hope away from a person! -And still by some miraculous way these people still send you their fragile glimpse of hopefulness and trust toward you, hoping you will not let them down. That is the most beautiful and moving thing you can observe. I want to give these people their voice and a place in my art and in history.

And I believe I can spot them among the many faces I see every day. -even in a glimpse.

Life is bitter-sweet

When starting on a painting you are given a “Carte Blanche” which literally in French means “a white paper”. It is your privilege -and responsibility to fill it out with your reflections.

Sometimes a painting starts to look finished too soon. -It wants to close itself before time. Then it is my job to keep the wound open for a little bit longer by doing something radical -make a detour. I can be introducing a contradicting form or color that goes against the existing beauty or harmony in the existing motif.

I strive to pack my painting in contradictions or dualisms thus creating more “weight” in my motifs.


When I paint I enter an entirely different reality. All the rules at structures from the outside world disappears. There are no words -no normal logics -no physics -but similar though. It is a universe with its own laws.

It has it own wordless language. It has its own non-chronological time. It has its own laws. It has its own ruler.

I sometimes feel that I am only the gate-keeper relaying messages from this strange land to people.

My word counter stays on 525 -Maybe I´ve already said enough?

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