A selection of my paintings

Works on canvas

Some of my larger works, which I make inspired from my smaller sketches I make on my travels abroad. I often use materials such as oil, acrylic, ink, and sand. I have chosen to display them in a setting that show the size of the painting. For information about exact size and price, please contact me. NOTE: Some of the works may already be sold. To see paintings for sale, please go to my shop.

Oil pastel on paper

In 2019 I participated in DR (Denmarks Broadcasting) Tv programme "Portrait Artist of the Year) I made several of sketches of the model with oil pastel on paper. This technique is also what I use when I am travelling abroad. They are quick sketches of people passing by in a park or sitting in a café. Most of them are made in A3-format, some a bit smaller. I have titled them all: "Portrait -or so.